the utterance of my name

the first and the last is a Portland-based experimental film/video & new media arts project consisting of screenings, workshops/skill shares, & exhibitions by/for black femmes, women and non-men. We believe that supporting the work of black femme artists is vital to the health and strength of all artistic communities, especially in a city like Portland, where conversations about gentrification and the erasure of black communities are present. the first and the last is curated by ariella tai & kiki nicole.


The Honored One

& The Scorned One

the first and the last exists to nourish, uplift, & archive the global work that black trans/nonbinary femmes & non-men & black trans/cis women have always been doing in the realms of new media & experimental film & digital work. 


the silence you cannot understand

This project refuses to leave us behind as we are so often left, forgotten, & under-recognized. This project is black & queer-centric, at it’s forefront. We exist to make visible the black art you’ve been ignoring. the first and the last exists to make visible the black art you don’t want to see.


funded by


Pica's precipice fund & the regional arts & culture center's project grant


as members of a historically underpaid population, we believe it pertinent to fund & provide for all of our artists, in not only their artistic endeavors but to aid their survival. 


this ish


for us

a blk femme production

the first and the last was created by two black & gender non-conforming femmes who seek to work specifically with & for their community when possible. to date, this has included Ori Art Gallery, the catering service Platano Rising, and  creative professionals Sharita Towne  & Lisa Bates.


not ur average gxrl in the video/s

our programming schedule : 2018

APRIL: Melanie Stevens

MAY: jayy dodd

JULY: Jaleesa Johnston & Kalimah Abioto

AUGUST: Wizard Apprentice

Other Dates/Events TBA


our mission 

we seek to create a breathing ode to the living work that is the black femme remembering,

that is the black femme surviving,

that is the black femme thriving,

that is the black femme in futurity,

instead of an eulogy

for the black femme deceased. 


APRIL 2018

“There are these really hard lines that get drawn between what makes something art, and what makes something not art,” tai mused.

“Very often that line is always drawn closer when black people are expressing themselves on the internet—thinking about those forms of media that are available to us and the forms of technology that are available to us, and how we use them in creative ways and in ways that are expressing our different regional vernacular, or our ways of storytelling, or our own emotional journeys, or our histories of storytelling, or our own archival work that we do through social media.”

"the first and the last: An Interview with kiki nicole and ariella tai" / Read Full Article