Screening & Workshop Schedule


Melanie Stevens, april 19 & 20, 2018 : ORI Art GALLERY



April 19th, 2018: Description to come!

April 20, 2018: Stevens presented their workshop "Media Literacy: The Art of Seeing the Deal" at Ori Art Gallery.  The workshop was catered by Platano Rising.


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jayy dodd, may 5 & 6, 2018 : GRAPEFRUITS ARTS SPace


Saturday, May 5, 2018: Screening of dodd's debut film, [CALIGINOUS]lavender, at Grapefruits Arts Space. Following the film was a brief and intimate artist talk and open audience discussion on themes present in the film, editing practices, and the artist’s interdisciplinary work history.

Sunday, May 6, 2018: dodd presented their workshop "When I Be That Bxtch You'll Know" at Grapefruits Arts Space. Participants downloaded the free app, Giphy Cam, and following a discussion on self-documentation, took turns representing the stories they needed via selfie gifs in response to a prompt. Gifs from the workshop can be found on Instagram #whenibethatbxtch. Catered by Platano Rising.

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kalimah abioto, july 27, 2018 : paragon arts gallery

Friday’s 6pm event was a film screening of short film works by artist, filmmaker, and writer Kalimah Abioto at Portland Community College’s Paragon Arts Gallery at the Cascade Campus.

The evening began with a showing of the surreal film “SIGHT,” an experimental narrative following three girls with unusual capabilities. Life, death and the supernatural exist in this eerie sci-fi flick.

The double-feature concluded with a screening of “Black Genius: Memphis,” an inspiring documentary film exploring the universe of the black community in the artists’ hometown of Memphis.

A brief Q&A with Kalimah Abioto, moderated by ariella tai, followed the films. This event was catered by Platano Rising.

film still from “SIGHT”

film still from “SIGHT”


jaleesa johnston, july 28-29, 2018 : BLERG - ALBERTA ABBEY

Portland-based, multi-media artist Jaleesa Johnston was hosted for a two-day event in the Black Life Experiential Research Group (BLERG) space founded by transdisciplinary artist and educator Sharita Towne and educator Lisa K. Bates.

A talk and short video screening was held in the space on Saturday, July 28th to an intimate audience. Johnston provided slides consisting of examples of past photography and peformance work as well as excerpts of theory text and work from Black women and non-black women of color that have nurtured her own praxis in exploring the Black femme in its (W)holeness. To further contextualize her current work and preview the next day’s workshop, Johnston screened a looped video of Ayana V. Jackson’s “Compared To What” animation from the artist’s Intimate Justice in Stolen Moments series. Light refreshments were served.

Sunday’s skill share on photography and animation editing was held in the basement ballroom of the space and catered by Platano Rising. “Fragments from the (W)hole: Experiments in Video Animation” was a one of a kind workshop, attended by Black and brown femmes and queer folks. Macbook Pros and Canon DSLR’s were graciously provided by Open Signal for use during our event, to ensure everyone would have access to appropriate technology. Participants were led in a short journaling exercise and split up into groups or individuals to translate the journaling experience of the body into photographs taken utilizing the space. Jaleesa then guided attendants through several different ways of making animations from the photographs taken, via Adobe Creative Cloud photo editing software, Powerpoint and Quicktime.

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WIZard apprentice, august 4, 2018 : PCC-CASCADE CAMPUS

California-based artist Wizard Apprentice brought a one-of-a-kind digital exploration of healing, trauma, and vulnerability to the first and the last. On August 4th, hosted in a classroom at Portland Community College Cascade Campus, attendees were treated to “IRL/URL”—a 2-hour combined multi-media performance and interactive, self-reflective skillshare on Shadow Work.

Shadow Work is a self-care tool that engages “undesired” emotions such as jealousy, fear, embarrassment, rage, grief, and heartbreak. Participants sample gentle, down-to-earth techniques that may be used for emotional pain management, increased self awareness, and inner guidance through meditation, free-writing, and self-questioning.

After Wizard Apprentice’s half digital, half IRL musical dialogue performance with her avatar, attendees were invited to build on an altar for the space prior to timed free-write journaling on welcoming any emotions that rose during the event with full acceptance, even if not with full understanding. This event featured food from Platano Rising.